Sanjay Dutt, facing a tough time in his life. It raises one question, should a person suffers whole life for a single mistake. When we had not hurted any one, he was not directly involved in the terror activity. And specially when we have more then 33% of so called people's representative have serious criminal charges like Murder, Rape, Kidnapping etc against them.

Well, they say, the people gets the society they deserve. We really deserve this, since we have always been running away from our social responsibilities. So the mess will pile up, and it does. It really scares me to see women getting harassed in public on new year eve and nobody comes forward to save her. It should scare you too, since you also have sisters, friends. Doesnt even a thought of happening that thing to them, makes your blood go cold?

Anyway, I think I am drifting away from the subject. My subject today is that is keeping a gun such a big crime that a person should be jailed for 6 years???

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