Slapping is "Fun"

Its Official Now, Bhajji slapped Sreesanth while his Coach "Lal Chand Rajput" clapped, laughed and encouraged this drama. All national/local news channel got the "Masala" they were looking for, while Australian news paper got something to support "Obnoxious Little Weed" theory. When you look at incident like this you feel after whose fault was this? Or should we not let this go away as nothing happened, after all they are also humans and bound to make mistake?

Sreesanth also behaved like a complete "संत" to make it all look like Bhajji's fault. Whatever it was that has happened on the "Gentleman's Game" field was not absolutely right. But when you look at events that has unfolded in last few months you feel like this was bound to happen sooner or later.

I have one more version to all this that has happened. When you play arm twister to Sport Governing Authory to save one of your player who has been playing these kinds of "Angry Young Man" role, then you involve some big business bodies moneytaroly into the game who has always seen success through out their life and have seen their investment growing very high very quickly, and after all this was not enough you leave your players on the field like a mad dog fighting against each other. This all creates a poisnous receipe which will kill Cricket, will kill the Spirit of the Game and will slowly kill the love we have for the sport we garnish over the years.

So are we at fault if we are not able to let go this incident from our heart and forgive them? No we are not at fault, we have made this game reach the level where it is now, we have made them God, its all because of our love that a player is earning in crores at the age of 19 years. So I think we have the right of expectation, expectation to watch a good game of cricket, a spirit fight between the players to outdone each other.

Bhajji & Sreesanth, If you cannot change your attitude than I would not like to see you again on the cricket field. Adieu!!!


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