I was watching the Match no. 32 between "Deccan Chargers" and "Knight Riders" and suddenly like an enlightenment a thought came to my mind. Why suddenly India has became so crazy about Twenty 20? What is their in it that has dipped the ratings of all mega channels like Star Plus, Zee and Sony? And while searching for all these answers, I saw an old newspaper lying on my self. It says 'Indian are Twenty 20 champions'. And I wondered had IPL would have became a success story if India went out of Twenty 20 world cup in similar manner like they went out of One dayers? I guess not, had India received a similar fate in the Twenty 20 world cup than the game would have R.I.P in India.

Now, I will present some facts which came to my mind instantly. When you plan a event as big as this, the planning would have been definitely started some time back. So lets assume, Mr. Modi has spoken with some corporate giants and filmstar over the prospect of owning a team in IPL. If not, than what was the reason Mr. Shahrukh Khan went on to see almost every match in Twenty 20 world cup? Isn't that ring a bell in your mind, why suddenly out of no where they started making Twenty 20 look bigger than what it was. Because the idea was simple and pure business they knew few months down the line they are going to own a team like this.
And with so much money involved so many (successful) business families/corporations involved I am pretty sure the planning started way back. And if that is the case, I am 100% sure all of them would have known the fate of Cricket in India had India lose in the Twenty 20 world cup. So with all those business mind working at large, it is pretty evident that the match result could have been easily manipulated to suit India. With this I am not pointing fingers at anyone nor I want to bring down the effort players put on the filed. But it looks like a clear case of win-win situation for everyone.
Even the team that might have compromised and lost. See how much their players are earning at the moment. Andrew Symonds took away 5.2 Crore, similar huge chunk of money has been taken by lot of foreign players.
For me its simple to guess what might have happened behind the scene, please do let me know your opinion.


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