Planning a trip?? Headaches when it comes to plan where to go what to do..

Scenario 1:
You are back from your trip your friend will tell you "Did you saw xxx thing in that city?". And you will say "What is that?" and he will say "Dude how can you miss that one it was the symbolic place...." and your heart will fill with a guilt.

Scenario 2:
You planned to visit few places, you planned to stay for few days in one city which you thought was Awesome (Most of the times it is recommended by your friends). You are not finding anything interesting to do but you are stuck since you have already made your hotel bookings / travel bookings which cannot be changed. And at last you reach a place which seems like a dreamland but you have already exhausted most of your days in earlier places and thus cannot stay here for longer even if you wanted too.

I have faced similar situation many times. Planning a trip was never easy there is so many things to do and you don't even know. Than I discovered Yahoo Travel Planner, it is a extremely well designed tool and if you are a planner by nature this is the best on the web by far.

Access it here Since this blog is not intended to get you accustom to this tool it will end with one of its screenshot. Meanwhile feel free to use it to create some trips for yourself even if you are not going there, it will help you learn how to use this when you actually plan your real trip.

What is fun is that you can share your trip with the world and take their feedbacks to include some undiscovered places and sites on the way.

Here is an easy guide to Bengaluru International Airport. Please find it here

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